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Our mission is to raise funds for the Big Brothers Big Sisters Association of Montreal. To do this, the Foundation conducts various collection activities.
Funds raised enable the Association to develop programs and assist youth in need of a significant model in their lives.

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    Our cause - 100 years ago

    Foundation Big Brothers Big Sisters of Montreal was established in 1998 to raise funds for the Association to support them in their daily activities.

    In 1998, our foundation in agreement with the Value Village developed the first clothing collection containers. The project exceeded  all expectations :  9 months later, it was profitable!
    Today nearly 90%  of Value Village partners use this method for clothing collection.

    5 years ago we have centralized our operations under one roof by renting a warehouse of 10,000 square feet in Montreal North. This has allowed us to be better organized and have a better control over the goods.

    In early 2010, we innovated again with the installation of semi-underground containers adapted for the clothing collection.
    We are currently the first and only clothing collection Foundation to use this kind of containers in North America.

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    The board of director of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation of Montreal is composed of the following members :

    Terry Faulconbridge, Chairperson
    ChairpersonC.O.O. Pannizza Restaurants Inc.

    Alain Thibaudeau, Vice-Chairperson

    Bertrand Pichette, Director


    Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation of Montreal is overseen by :

    Jean Laberge, Executive Director

    Sylvain Simard, Director- Operations

    Sylvain Chaleteix, Communication and Marketing Manager

    Jacques Hébert, Business Development Manager


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     Big Brothers and Big Sisters has created several programs that better meet today’s society and the different needs of children, families and volunteers :
    – Traditional pairing
    – Groups pairing
    – Schools activities

    Read more.

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    In Montréal :
    7000 children reached in 2013
    163 collection containers installed
    57 million pounds of clothing treated since 1998
    $ 4,000,000 royalty provided to Big Brothers Big Sisters Association of Montreal since 1998

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    Several companies trust our cause and we wish to highlight their contribution to the  Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation of Montreal :

    – Value Village

    – Maxi supermarkets

    – The group Cogir

    – Housing and Development Company of Montreal

    – First Capital

    – Cantrex Nationwide



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